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God's Kingdom Endures Forever

December 22, 2023

Today we come to the third part of Psalm 145, verses 13-21. As we noted yesterday, David voices his praise to God that His kingdom is “everlasting and His dominion endures forever” (verse 13). We also notice today how the LORD blesses those who “call on Him (repeated twice), fear Him, and love Him: He upholds and lifts us up; He nourishes us at the proper time; He satisfies our desires; He is righteous, faithful, and near to us; He hears our cry, saves us, and watches over us” (verses 14-20). Only a self-righteous, arrogant fool would reject such lovingkindness. Indeed, “let every creature praise His holy name forever and ever” (verse 21).

We also read Revelation 13 which tells us about Satan’s installation of the Antichrist - “the beast coming out of the sea” (verse 1). This beast is identified by certain important characteristics - where it comes from; what it looks like; etc., (verses 1-3). More importantly, however, is what it does: this person leads “the whole world” into false worship of Satan; it “utters blasphemies and exercises great authority; and it wages war against God’s holy people” (verses 4-8). A second beast emerges, “coming out of the earth” (verse 11). This beast is the false prophet, a sycophant of Satan and the Antichrist and one who causes people to worship an image of the Antichrist. This false prophet has power to “give breath to the image,” enabling “the image to speak” (verse 15). Subsequently, the false prophet imposes on “all people a unique mark, without which they cannot buy or sell” (verses 15-17). We see here centralized controls over all aspects of human life - political, social, economic, and religious - and for one purpose - “deceiving the inhabitants of the earth” (verse 14). Past historical and recent current events support what Scripture predicts - especially here in Revelation. As John records, “This calls for wisdom” (verse 18), and such wisdom needs to be biblical.

In Ezra 7:11 - 8:14, we are able to read the letter that King Artaxerxes gave to Ezra the priest. In the letter, we see the king’s commission on Ezra to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. This letter should have silenced all doubts about the Jews returning and rebuilding, although as we still see today, opposition against the Jews seems never to end. In chapter 8, we observe a list of those exiles whom Ezra led back to the land. We observe from each of our readings today that God’s Word is truthful and accurate. Certainly, our God is righteous, faithful, and worthy of all honor, praise, and worship. Even in tribulation - which He allows – God maintains full authority and control over every situation. He will definitely fulfill his plans and His purposes – without fail.

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