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November 24, Day 327

Psalm 132: 1 Peter 2:4-25; Ezekiel 43; Ezekiel 44

In Psalm 132, we read about David’s total commitment not to rest until he found a resting place and a dwelling for the LORD and the ark of His might - to build a temple for His worship and His honor (verses 5-8). David was aware of God’s irrevocable promise to “place on the royal throne on of His own descendants - forever and ever” (verses 11-14). This is God’s clear prophecy and promise to provide for Israel’s coming Messiah. This promise included the provision of certain material blessings as well - “food; salvation; joy; a royal dynasty for David; and victory over the enemies of the Lord and of Israel (verses 15-18).

In 1 Peter 2:4-25, Peter informs us that the One in Whom we trust - Jesus - is our “chosen, precious, and chief Cornerstone - rejected by the builders - but acceptable to God” (verses 4-6). He is “a Rock that causes people to stumble,” but for those of us who place our faith in Him, He is our Rock of hope and salvation. He makes us who “were once not a people” to become “a holy nation and God’s special possession” (verses 9-10). For this reason, Peter calls upon us to “glorify God” and to “follow the example of Christ by living as examples before a pagan world” (verses 12-21).

In Ezekiel 43-44, the prophet continues to share his vision about Jerusalem and the future temple. In the vision, we see that God’s “radiant glory” returns to the temple - causing Ezekiel to “fall facedown” in worship (43:3), whereupon the “Spirit lifted him up” and escorted him into the Lord’s future throne room (verses 6-7). I n verses 13-ff., Ezekiel reveals to us the restoration of the altar, Israel’s sacrificial system of offerings, and its priesthood (chapter 44). Surely, the prophetic meaning of these promised restorations considers Israel’s return to the land after the exile, but it also looks forward to the future memorialization of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross at Calvary, which effected the final atonement for all sin. Again, we see Ezekiel “falling facedown” in worship (44:4). The chapter contains further instructions for the Levitical priests - specifically - for “the descendants of Zadok who guarded the sanctuary when Israel went astray” (verses 15-ff.). Once again, we see that God’s concern for details and for service has important implications for us, His children. May we ever praise Him!

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