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November 23, 2023, Day 326

Psalm 131: 1 Peter 1; 1 Peter 2:1-3; Ezekiel 41; Ezekiel 42

In Psalm 131, David writes that he has “calmed & quieted himself like a weaned child with its mother - content” - before the LORD (verse 2). David’s “heart is not proud, his eyes not haughty, and his concerns are not with great matters or things too wonderful for” him (verse 1). David has completely humbled himself - his excuses, his defenses, and his fears - before coming into the Lord’s presence for guidance and fellowship. He has made himself available and attentive to hear and to apply what God has to say. Moreover, he calls upon all Israel to do the same - “put your hope in the LORD” (verse 3). This is the place where God wants us - to be available to Him for service unto Him, to be attentive to His direction through His Word, and to be “content” in Him. For the believer, contentment in the Lord is a rare and beautiful attitude.

In 1 Peter 1-2:3, we see the Apostle’s praise to God for our “living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (verse 3). The importance of our hope cannot be minimized and should not be forgotten or overlooked. Our “inheritance,” which is “kept in heaven for us,” cannot “perish, spoil, or fade,” and it is of greater worth than gold” (verses 3-7). Peter reminds us of the immense, eternal value of our salvation - purchased by the precious blood of Christ.” Therefore, we are to “be holy” (verses 15-19). God wants to make us holy.

In Ezekiel 41-42, we see the prophet’s continued accompaniment with, observations of, and written record established by the man who measured the [future] temple and its area. Our inability to understand adequately the mysteries of this section of Scripture should not cause us to consider it too lightly. It may be obscure to us, but it reminds us that, if God is concerned about little details - even architectural ones and all the decorative beauty of the visual, practical, and worshipful arts - so we should be interested and equally concerned as well. From these chapters it is obvious that God is preparing a beautiful eternity for us (which to us, is also presently mysterious), and the last verse - Ezekiel 42:20 - explains why … “to separate the holy from the common.” God wants us to be holy, and He is developing us to that end because holiness is intended to elevate us above and beyond all that is “common.” Praise God for the work He is doing in our lives - to make us more like His Son! Happy Thanksgiving to you today!

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