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November 22, 2023, Day 325

Psalm 130: James 5; Ezekiel 40

Psalm 130 begins with the Psalmist’s “cry to the LORD for mercy” from “out of the depths.” The source of his emotional cry is clearly an experience that stems from sin and his need for “forgiveness” (verse 4), but he recognizes that, “with the Lord, there is forgiveness.” At one time or another, we all have sensed and felt what the Psalmist is describing here. This Psalm shows us that God has provided an available remedy for our sin - we truly have a blessed “hope” which is worth “waiting for” (verses 5-6). The Psalmist also admonishes all the Israelites to put their “hope in the LORD” and in His unfailing love” because with Him is full redemption” (verse 7). We should take special note that God’s love is “unfailing” - it cannot be assailed, quenched, stopped, or thwarted.

In James 5, the writer warns us not to place any trust or confidence in wealth, which is precarious, insecure, misleading, and unstable. Even gold and silver are both corroded (i.e., they can tarnish and easily fade quickly away), and they are corrosive (i.e., they corrupt those who trust in them). James reminds us to invest our time, our resources, and our lives “patiently” in a higher standard - “the Lord’s return” (verse 7). He cites Job (perseverance) and Elijah (prayer) as two ordinary men who are, nevertheless, examples for our faith.

In Ezekiel 40, we see Ezekiel’s miraculous transportation back to Israel to witness “the man measuring the temple area” (verse 4). In all of Scripture, this section is one of the most difficult passages to understand. Is it to be understood symbolically or literally? Is it yet in the future? As a prophecy, these issues may remain debatable, but this passage likely relates to a literal, future event that will occur during the Millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. In any case, it should comfort and encourage us to know that God’s plan and purposes for our worship of Him is not simply a passing phase – worship of God in God’s way remains active forever.

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