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God Does As He Pleases

Once again, here in Psalm 135:13-21, we see the Psalmist calling us no less than five times to praise the LORD (verses 19-21). In verse 1, he proclaims the eternal truth that the LORD’s name, which is associated with His holy character, “endures forever.” God promises “to vindicate His people” and to express His “compassion” toward us, and these promises are equally changeless and eternal. Unlike senseless idols, - gods “made with human hands” (verses 15-18) - our God is sensitive, living, and active; He is the One Who is capable of creating all human senses (i.e., life itself); thus, our God is worthy of all our praise.

In 2 Peter 3, we read about the coming of the Day of the Lord. Peter tells us that, “in the last days, scoffers will come - scoffing” (verse 3). Their question, “Where is the promise of His coming?” (verse 4), is an arrogant mockery of God Himself, and many variations of such mockery exist today – indicting that we are living in the “last days.” Peter encourages us to remember that, by His Word, God promises to bring judgment on this world, and that He will subsequently create a “new heaven & earth” (verse 13). Although it may seem that God is delaying the coming of the Day of the Lord, nevertheless we need to remember that God is not slow about keeping any of His promises (verse 9). God has the right perspective and the best timetable for everything.

In Daniel 4:19 – 5:16, we see Daniel’s prophecy about Nebuchadnezzar’s coming insanity and then God’s fulfillment of that prophecy. Driven to his knees, the king finally realizes that he is but a mortal man who must submit to divine authority – like all created beings. The God of heaven – not Nebuchadnezzar – is the One Who “does as He pleases,” and the only One about Whom it can be said that “everything He does is right.” Truly, “no one can hold back his hand” (verses 35-37). In the next section of chapter 5, we will see that Nebuchadnezzar’s son, Belshazzar, is about to learn the same lesson, but assuredly with a less fortunate result.

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